Guiri Guide is looking for a couple adventurous and enthusiastic expats in Madrid who also happen to have the propensity to write and share.

Our Guiri Guide writers have a thirst for experience and a positive attitude when it comes to their encounters. Moving to a foreign country is never without its dramas but with our Guiri community of support, it can be enjoyable. A true Guiri Guide writer lays out the “Welcome” mat for new expats and then continues as the neighborly host through and through. Do you have what it takes!?

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Moving2Madrid world quality

Hi, I’m Pierre, GuiriGuide contributor since 2011 & Moving2Madrid founder.

I’m looking for a Madrid Home Hunter, another Madrid fan like me to help international people find their perfect home here.

I’m looking for someone who is focused on helping foreigners move to Madrid zen. You are a guiri, you have been through the process, and know how difficult it can be to find a place and move here. And you love Madrid. You have been here a few years and plan to stay, and love discovering new neighborhoods, new places here.

Helping people move here includes trust more than anything else. You should be a people person, good at establishing trust, managing expectations and communicating your love for Madrid.

No, you do not need to have any specific experience or education. I have worked with a 20-something undergrad, a housewife or a former Accenture consultant.
I will teach how we ensure our clients move to Madrid zen and show our unique way of  working.
Therefore, rather than experience, you will need to show you are a continuous learner, always  looking to improve your skills.

You should be great at listening and understanding people, and not selling, but helping them take a decision.
You should be great at creating trust over email, Skype and in person. This is the key of our business.

You should be great at figuring out which words or phrases make people genuinely trust you instead of giving a corporate image. We believe the right words at the right time can make all the difference.

This is not just a job for a people person – you will be also expected to complete rigorous property searches to ensure we find the best home for our clients.
We take pride in always making sure we find the best for our clients, by understand their lifestyle, then translating into Madrid terms, and finally finding the best solution in the Madrid market.
As a small business, you will also have freedom on the mid-term to dedicate your time to whatever new project you want to launch, and will be involved in other new projects, such as a Moving2Madrid Guide, our manifesto, a new website to compare international schools in Spain …

I need someone proactive and independent to take over the house hunting by september and stay on the long term so I can focus on growing the business.
I don’t believe it’s possible. Change my mind. Convert me.
Can you do it?


What we offer

We believe in international people, especially the crazy ones who believe in Madrid, like you or me.
The way we help is by keeping it personal, challenging how things are done in Madrid real estate and by measuring results in terms of happiness.
We just happen to help international people move here via services and this website.
Interested ? Keep on reading.

You work from where you want.
You work when you want.
The only time limits  are the viewing days with clients, whole or half day, and the team meetings.
We know happy team members make happy clients and make me happy. We work to live, not the other way around.
We have an office in Madrid centre, but no one cares. Our clients want to see Madrid. I help them move then talking to them via video calls before they move, and then by showing them Madrid, the authentic way.

You will lead clients from zero to hero, understanding their lifestyle and translating this into Madrid terms making sure you find the best home for them.
Most of the times you will be exchanging emails with clients, thinking everytime how you can strengthen the trust you have from the client.
For viewing days with clients, you will need to be 100% focused on the client, and make sure everything goes without a glitch.

As for remuneration, our objective is for you to become a long-term team member with an indefinite contract.
To reach this point, as we do not trust resumes, we will train you, test you with one client, and then go from there. We will train you in all aspects of the business, teach you how to craft effective mail communication to establish trust, and teach you the method to lead discussions.
The first step will be to be paid a good share of revenues of each client you help move to Madrid, as an autonomo/freelancer.
Then from there, if there is enough business, we will switch to a guaranteed monthly invoice, then an indefinite contract.


To apply

I don’t believe in resumes. I focus much more on your writing skills and how you establish trust with me with an email, as we have to do with clients. Do send it, but focus on the cover letter.

Send me an email to telling me why you’re the one. How you tell us is up to you.
I love to see specific examples of your work on the web, writing you might have done, even your resume, if tailored to this offer.

This is a chance to do the best work of your career and live the lifestyle who have always wanted.
Work from home, define your own schedule, be yourself when talking to clients, learn communication & business skills directly from me.
I know you’re out there. Get in touch.
Pierre Waters, Moving2Madrid founder

After seven successful installations, the Tapas Fair has returned to Madrid. Starting tomorrow, Thursday June 21st, the Palacio de Deportes (metro: Goya) will convert itself into a giant bar of sorts where you can sample some of Madrid’s best tapas accompanied by a caña of Mahou.

Thirty-eight different bars and restaurants will participate in this year’s feria, each with their own small stand offering a few of their signature dishes from madrileño classics to inventive new plates.

Each tapa will cost €1,20 and each caña will also cost €1,20. There also non-alcoholic drinks available at the stands. In past years, these transactions have taken places using fichas - small commemorative coins that you must purchase in advance at the Palacio de Deportes ticket window or at special stands within the event, so keep that in mind as you rush in with an empty stomach!

This year’s Tapas Fair runs from Thursday, June 21st to Sunday, June 24th, with a split timetable of 1200-430pm and again at 8pm-midnight. Entrance to the event is free.

…is through your stomach.

Lauren, founder and tour guide. Photo by Cassandra Gambill

I would like to introduce you all, faithful guiris, to Lauren Aloise’s Madrid Food Tour. This tour provides a custom assortment of Madrid’s finest cuisine, hand-picked by one very passionate guiri.

Lauren is an expat from Massachusetts who has lived in Granada, Sevilla, Cádiz, and Madrid. Her already existing passion for food increased immensely after living in Spain, marrying her very own Spaniard, and meeting her suegra, Antonia. Thanks to time abroad and the lessons learned from her mother-in-law, Lauren has learned a great deal about Spanish cuisine and has found a way to share it with the world! In addition to running Madrid Food Tour, Lauren writes both Spanish Sabores (in English) and Recetas Americanas (in Spanish), two excellent resources for anyone interested in Spanish or American cuisine.

Madrid Food Tour’s “signature tour” includes samples of various Spanish treats widely available in Madrid at both popular and unique stops around the city. The tour typically takes from three to four hours during off-peak times so that those on the tour can see Madrid in a way that most tour groups don’t typically get to experience. Not only does the tour hit all the general flavor groups–sweet, savory, and everything in between–Lauren shares some history and information about every plate sampled. Want to know what’s in what you’re eating? Where it comes from? Just ask!

Does the signature tour not sound like what you’re looking for? Want to try something a bit more off-beat or specific to your tastes? Do you have the most discerning of palates? Again… just ask! The best part of these tours is that they are almost entirely customizable based on what you like, so if Andrew Zimmern’s bizarre tastes inspire you to try something completely new and different, let Lauren know!

The Madrid Food Tour website can be found here, and tours are available now! Tell them Guiri Guide sent you, and then let us know how much you loved it!

We’ve told you about many Tapas crawls and food opportunities in Madrid, but this one bears mentioning for the next week in particular: until May 20th, De Tapas Por Madrid is an enormous tapas crawl with no less than 4 routes, each boasting between 15 and 30 spots in bars and restaurants.

Organized by La Viña, a business organization for restaurants in Madrid, and sponsored by Cruzcampo, the route makes ordering simple: each restaurant has one featured tapa, which comes with a mini-bottle of Cruzcampo beer (some restaurants offer both with and without alcohol), for €2.40.

If you are adventurous, I recommend just picking an area of the city that you like and finding a bar with a sign for “De Tapas Por Madrid” outside, and then going from bar to bar in that area. Inside, you’ll find maps of that particular route (there are four, based in different neighborhoods of the city). The maps have good quality photos and descriptions of the tapa offered in each area as well, so if you have dietary restrictions or just want to know what you are eating before you order it, you can pick and choose from the tapas suggested.

My first route this year has been the yellow route, where I visited three spots: Lhardy (an old and classily furnished delicatessen-type spot), Majaderitos Café (a more modern bar/restaurant on bustling calle Cádiz), and Grazie Mille Kitchen Bar (a cute and cozy Italian restaurant). I ate a salmon tartar dish, which I didn’t expect to like, but which was really savory and flavorful, a fried fish-in-sauce tapa, and (believe it or not) the signature spaghetti of Grazie Mille, packaged in a ball of tinfoil, no less. Do not expect large portions; while you may luck out with some of the tapas being generous, the ones I tried were reasonably small and packed more flavor than they filled me up.

After getting a tapa, you will be given a flyer with a code on it that you can use to vote for your favorite tapa on the route and also to enter a raffle for iPads and Cruzcampo products. After you try some out, post your favorite stops on the route in the comments of this GuiriGuide entry!

De Tapas Por Madrid