Top 5 ways to satisfy your sweet tooth in Madrid

Top 5 ways to satisfy your sweet tooth in Madrid

Spanish cuisine is world-renowned for its diversity and rich cultural history, and many a Spaniard and tourist alike can be found enjoying their evening over some tapas and a few glasses of sangria. However, did you know the sweet delights Spain has to offer too? Here we show you the top five desserts the country has to offer, and where to find them in Madrid.

Although the origin of churros con chocolate is unclear, it is a Spanish culinary classic and has to be tried if you are visiting the country! A fried choux pastry-like dough, churros are eaten hot with a cup of melted chocolate at any time of year. Chocolateria San Ginés is the most renowned chocolate café in Madrid, and rightly so. Open 24/7, come here anytime to satisfy your chocolate cravings!

Torrijas are a cinnamon-spiced fried bread that usually come in two flavours – cinnamon or honey-soaked. These treats fill the window displays of pastelerías only during the months of March and April and are a Easter staple in Madrid, but they are worth waiting all year for! Pastelería Nunos has won awards for its torrijas year on year, and are definitely worth a visit.

Turrón is a traditional Spanish festive treat. Just like churros, there is no definitive story as to where it came from, but it is thought to date back to Moorish rule in the 14th century. It is a type of nougat made of almonds and honey, and has a variety of flavours. Pick up this Christmas treat in Madrid at Casa Mira, where they use their century-old recipe to make turrón by hand.

Each buñuelo is a little bite of heaven! Fried and dusted with sugar like churros, these bitesize treats come with a little surprise in the middle, from custard to dulche de leche. The best place to come across traditional buñuelos in Madrid is Horno de San Onofre, where the bakers serving Madrid its sugar hits for over forty years.

One of the oldest desserts in Europe, dating back to the fourteenth century, crema catalana is a cream dessert covered with a layer of caramelised sugar on top, like the French crème brulée. Traditionally it is eaten on March 19th, Fathers Day, but given how tasty it is it could easily be eaten every day! As the name suggests, this dessert originates from Cataluña but don’t panic! In Madrid, Celso y Manolo have you covered.

With desserts this tempting, who needs a main course?