Madrid’s Gastrofestival is back!

Madrid’s Gastrofestival is back!

From 21st January until 5th February, the eighth edition of the Gastrofestival is coming to Madrid – if you’re in Madrid during these dates it would be silly not to get involved and immerse yourself into the Spanish culture by learning about its food, history and art! More than 400 establishments participate in this festival with the aim of promoting some of the main attractions in this incredible city – its gastronomy, culture, art and history.gastro A large proportion of the millions of people that come to Madrid each year come for these reasons and this festival is a celebration of these attractions! Throu ghout the festival restaurants, shops, museums and cultural centres will all be taking part to showcase what Madrid has to offer.

Make sure to check out the Conde Duque culture centre, the hub of the Gastrofestival, as it is set to have a lively atmosphere with constant activities throughout the entire duration of the festival including; film screenings, live music and food and wine tasting. As well as this, throughout this year’s festival, there will be an exhibition entitled The Newspaper Archive Lays the Table illustrating numerous recipes from the Spanish magazine Pictoral Review, put on by the Madrid Municipal Newspaper Archive.

Restaurants wilgastromadridl be providing special menus, cookery courses and tapas and wine tasting by world-renowned chefs who have gathered in Madrid to celebrate its gastronomy. What’s more, for the first time, the 2017 Gastrofestival will include specific gluten free menus in order to reach out to an even wider audience. As one of the six main themes of the festival, our highlights of the Gastronomic Madrid section include; Desgustatapas tasting, Rioja Wine in our Favourite Bars and Dinner Four Hands by MasterCard Priceless Cities. It’s not only Madrid’s restaurants that are participating – this year Madrid’s markets are also playing an active role in the festival – offering classes, tastings and talks. In the Mercado de San Anton, there will be a fun and interactive cookery workshop for people to attend.

Museums will be getting involved by offering extensive activities and guided tours based on some of the pieces in their respective museums. The Museum of Contemporary Art will be presenting a talk on the culinary likes and dislikes of Ramón Gómez de la Serna on both 21st January and 5th February. Other things to wpanenka-nuestro-famoso-bocata-de-calamaresatch out for include; the exhibition in the Garment Museum entitled Fashionable Vegetables. Design from the Calahorra City of Vegetables Catwalk which showcases 15 outfits made from vegetables grown in the Spanish region of La Rioja and includes designs by many internationally recognised designers.

Don’t miss out on this is amazing opportunity to learn more about Spain and Madrid in a fun and entertaining way!

‘A Christmas Carol’ is coming..!

‘A Christmas Carol’ is coming..!

Kick off the festive season by going to Face 2 Face Theatre’s production of the Christmas classic, A Christmas a-cristmas-carol-cartel-2016-400x600Carol! This family favorite opens in Madrid at SMedia’s Teatro Fígaro and will run from Saturday 3rd, until Sunday, 18th of December, with Saturday performances scheduled at 1630hrs, and Sunday performances at 1230hrs. This means that there are just 6 shows this Christmas so don’t miss out! (Reserve your tickets by following this link). Since Charles Dickens first released this classic story in 1843, it has become so popular that it would be hard to imagine Christmas without it!

This production, suitable for the whole family, is aimed at English speaking audiences however even if your English isn’t perfect, you’ll still certainly enjoy it! It’s catchy and evocative songs, clevea-christmas-carol7r improvisations and hilarious gags make this the perfect holiday treat for the family!

Set in London in the Victorian times, this story about a miserly and detatched man speaks to people of all ages. Ebenezer Scrooge, unsympathetic and cold hearted due to his tragic childhood and a long lost love, would prefer to live in a world in which Christmas didn’t exist so that he could remain his stingy, money-grabbing self. This however all changes one Christmas when he receives a number of wake-up calls from the spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Future. Face 2 Face’s Production brilliantly captures the love and magic of the story asa-christmas-carol3 well as creating scenes of absolute hilarity which will have you in creases!

It really is a show that’s worth taking the family to this Christmas – such a wonderful and memorable way to get in the festive mood!

Flavor on Wheels

Flavor on Wheels

The Foodie Week

For all those food truck lovers out there, the Foodie Week is an exciting new event that is comi-foodie-week-de-madrid-2016ing to Madrid for the first time this week (21-26 November). This market sells street food from food trucks from all over the world and is located beneath the Torres KIO (KIO Towers) which are one of the most famous and impressive features of Madrid’s skyline! Such a cool place to spend a lunch break or relax with friends after a long day at work discovering some of the world’s best ‘street food’. Whether you fancy sweet, savory, fast food or gourmet style foods, you’ll be able to find it amongst the 20 global food trucks! If you can’t make it this week don’t fret as The Foodie Week is coming to Madrid once a month – find out more information about the next one here:
Address: Plaza de Castilla
Opening hours: this week (21-26 November) from 1200-0000hrs.

However, if you fancy trying out and learning more about traditional Spanish food and drink, check out these popular food markets.

Mercado de San Miguel

This is probably the most famous market in the capital and is in fact considered a site of cultural interest. It was originally built in 1916 and has evolved into a wonderful place to try traditional Spanish tapas and a drink!mercado-de-san-miguel
Address: Plaza de San Miguel
Opening times: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday 1000-0000, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 1000-1400hrs.

Mercado de San Antón

In one of the trendiest areas of the city, Chueca, you’ll find an equally trendy market that manages to fuse tradition with modernity. On the third floor is ‘La Cocina de San Antón’ which arguably defines the market. It has its own terrace, an indoor restaurant and a cocktail bar. So, whether you need to stock up your fridge or take frmercadoiends out for a drink, the Mercado de San Antón has it all!
Address: Calle Augusto Figueroa, 24
Opening times: from Monday to Saturday 1000-2200hrs, Sunday 1000-1500hrs

Mercado de San Ildefonso

An industrial style market through which you can graze on delicious food until your heart’s content. Together with the 18 food stalls, there are also two pretty terraces which allow you to enjoy the fresh air whilst sipping on a refreshing cocktail.
Address: Calle Fuencarral, 57
Opening times: Everyday from 1000-0100hrs

Mercado Antón Martínanton-martin2

A 1950s market where you’ll find fruit, meat and fish stalls as well as a wide range of international food. The market consists of three floors: the ground floor and the first floor which are home to around 65 different food stalls whilst on the third floor is a dance school called ‘Amor de Dios’ dedicated to teaching traditional Spanish dance. Mercado Antón Martín really does boast Spanish culture and traditions!
Address: Calle Santa Isabel, 5
Opening hours: from Monday to Friday 0900-2100hrs, Saturday 0900-1500hrs

Madrid’s Fascinating Museums

Madrid’s Fascinating Museums

Museo del Prado

The Museo del Prado holds the most complete collection of Spanish art in the world. It is famomuseo-nacional-del-prado-fachada-velazquezus for its wonderful collection of Goya (“Los fusilamientos de 3 de Mayo”), Velázquez (”Las Meninas”) as well as many other paintings and sculptures by influential artists. It houses one of the world’s finest collections of European art which at the moment adds up to around 8600 paintings and 700 sculptures. Well worth a visit.

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía

A museum of contemporary Spanish and international art dating from the end of the 19th century to current times. It is famous for the painting “Guernica” by Picasso, in addition to a number of works from Dalí, Juan Gris, and Miró.

Museo Thyssen

A museum of both ancient and modern art dating from the Middle Ages all the way through to Pop Art from the 1980’s! It boasts a wide variety of styles: Italian primitive, German Renaissance, American painting from the 19th century, impressionism, German expressionism, Russian constructivism and many more!

Museo Arqueológico Nacional

Learn about objects aarte-egipcio-en-espanand artifacts that have come from different Spanish towns as well as from Mediterranean countries. These artifacts date back to ancient times and with help from rigorous, attractive, interesting and critical information, you can learn about the meaning behind them all. It is a great way to learn and understand more about the rich history of Spain and the Mediterranean.

Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales

A perfect museum for kids as well as adults that proudly demonstrates the world’s natural heritage with a huge collection of specimens. Here are just a few examples: minerals, seaweeds, plants, animals as well as utensils and weapons from a number of different cultures and times. There are more than 6 million specimens in the museum!

Exciting October Events in Madrid (Part 2)

Exciting October Events in Madrid (Part 2)

Midsummer Night’s Dream

Face 2 Face Production’s adaptation of Midsummer Night’s Dream is coming to Los Teatros Luchana this October and November and you’re in for an absolute treat! This team of talented actors ensures that both native speakers of English, together with learners of all ages, can enjoy this wonderful story of love, magic and mischief.
With over 15 years of experiimg_5503ence and in excess of 100,00 audience members coming to see their shows every year, Face 2 Face have found the perfect formula for bringing great English classics to the Spanish stage. Midsummer Night’s Dream is no exception. This Shakespearian comedy set in India at the turn of the 20th Century cleverly mixes lines from the original play together with modern English and the end result is an incredible production that sweeps the audience away. You’ll certainly come out of this brilliant production by Face 2 Face with a huge smile on your face and a spring in your step.
As well as the fantastic acting, atmospheric live music created by David Cobo brings the performance to life. It really is an innovative and exciting way to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the great Shakespeare’s death! The show is running from Saturday 1st October until Saturday 26th November at Los Teatros Luchana, Calle Luchana 38. (Metro Bilbao).

Tapapiés! Multicultural Tapas and Music Tour in Lavapiés

Lavapiés, a beautiful district of Madrid, is holding Tapapiés 2016! Tapapiés is an event whtapapies2ere a large number of bars and restaurants, based in the district of Lavapiés, offer a wide array of food and drink. The food on offer during the event combines traditional Spanish recipes together with gastronomy from all over the world. There are over 110 different types of tapas for you to discover!
Over 90 bars and restaurants take part in this event and during your culinary tour around the world, you can pop into traditional Spanish shops and delis in the beautiful markets of San Fernando and Anton Martín.
Not only is there a wide selection of food and drink, but there is also a total of 60 music concerts that are put on throughout the Lavapiés neighborhood. These concerts take place on the weekends from 21 to 23 and 23 to 30 October. It doesn’t stop there! Outdoor plays and circus shows complete this fun filled programme which are especially targeted towards the little ones! What a great way to spend a family weekend!
Enjoy Madrid this October!