Exciting October Events in Madrid!

Exciting October Events in Madrid!

Although the summer is now ‘officially’ over, Madrid remains as lively and exciting as ever. If you are in Madrid in October, here is just a taste of what you’re in for.

‘Drockula’ – 29, 30 and 31 October at Teatros Luchana

Everyone has seen or read Dracula, one of the greatest horrors of all time haven’t they? But the real question is whether you’ve have plans to go and see the brilliant ‘Drockula’. Obviously it’s based on the classic Bram Stoker work and the actors do an incredible job of portraying this magical world of fantastical terror. A plot summary is sure to convince you to go and watch this spectacle, produced for English speakers, so here goes:
Count Dracula, a retired rock star, lives a solitary existence in his castle in Pennsylvania. He craves to be back amongst the rock and roll lifestyle of being in a band and being loved, adored and worshipped by his fans. He also misses his wife, and singer, Elisabetta, who was tragically killed by Eddie Van Helsing. This all changes when Lucy and Mina, two young singers full of energy and talent come to the castle…
Cleverly influenced on the one hand by the likes of Mr Bean, Monty Python and Buster Keaton, and on the other by the great work of Bram Stoker, this is a show that you must not miss!

The Villamanuela Festival – 7th & 8th October

Having been blown away by this amazing spectacle, you’ll need to be brought back down to earth. Head to Malasaña and Conde Duque 222449_logo_entradas-villamanuela-2016jpg_claimand enjoy all that the Villamanuela festival has to offer. It not only has a jam-packed music schedule but also a wide variety of both art and food have to be discovered! Bands and artists come from all over the world to this relatively new and trendy festival which promises to offer a great evening for family and friends.

The Adelita Market – third Saturday each month (15th October)

Admittedly, even if you have the Spanish stamina, you’ll need to rest and recuperate having experienced both ‘Drockula’ and the Villamanuela festival! Unwind by heading to the Adelita Market – it’s an initiative in which anyone can participate by selling their unwanted possessions. Don’t throw out that jacket or sweater for which you have no need any more – get down to the Adelita Market and make a profit!

MadrEAT – 14, 15 and 16 October at Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Azcajc6iqyq3

I bet you’re hungry by now? If so, head to MadrEAT! It’s a monthly event that accommodates food trucks from all four corners of the world. It is an open-minded food market that attracts exceptional global gastronomy. If you’re lucky enough to be in Madrid while MadrEAT is happening, do not miss out on this absolute feast.

Othello – 2nd & 3rd October

With the music by Guiseppe Verdi and the director David Alden, this show is not to be missed. The Teatro Real Choir and the Children’s Choir belonging to the Community of Madrid’s Young Choir and Orchestra come together to produce this distinguished production of William Shakespeare’s great lyrical drama. A must see!
Make the most of Madrid this October!