Madrid’s Fascinating Museums

Madrid’s Fascinating Museums

Museo del Prado

The Museo del Prado holds the most complete collection of Spanish art in the world. It is famomuseo-nacional-del-prado-fachada-velazquezus for its wonderful collection of Goya (“Los fusilamientos de 3 de Mayo”), Velázquez (”Las Meninas”) as well as many other paintings and sculptures by influential artists. It houses one of the world’s finest collections of European art which at the moment adds up to around 8600 paintings and 700 sculptures. Well worth a visit.

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía

A museum of contemporary Spanish and international art dating from the end of the 19th century to current times. It is famous for the painting “Guernica” by Picasso, in addition to a number of works from Dalí, Juan Gris, and Miró.

Museo Thyssen

A museum of both ancient and modern art dating from the Middle Ages all the way through to Pop Art from the 1980’s! It boasts a wide variety of styles: Italian primitive, German Renaissance, American painting from the 19th century, impressionism, German expressionism, Russian constructivism and many more!

Museo Arqueológico Nacional

Learn about objects aarte-egipcio-en-espanand artifacts that have come from different Spanish towns as well as from Mediterranean countries. These artifacts date back to ancient times and with help from rigorous, attractive, interesting and critical information, you can learn about the meaning behind them all. It is a great way to learn and understand more about the rich history of Spain and the Mediterranean.

Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales

A perfect museum for kids as well as adults that proudly demonstrates the world’s natural heritage with a huge collection of specimens. Here are just a few examples: minerals, seaweeds, plants, animals as well as utensils and weapons from a number of different cultures and times. There are more than 6 million specimens in the museum!

Exciting October Events in Madrid (Part 2)

Exciting October Events in Madrid (Part 2)

Midsummer Night’s Dream

Face 2 Face Production’s adaptation of Midsummer Night’s Dream is coming to Los Teatros Luchana this October and November and you’re in for an absolute treat! This team of talented actors ensures that both native speakers of English, together with learners of all ages, can enjoy this wonderful story of love, magic and mischief.
With over 15 years of experiimg_5503ence and in excess of 100,00 audience members coming to see their shows every year, Face 2 Face have found the perfect formula for bringing great English classics to the Spanish stage. Midsummer Night’s Dream is no exception. This Shakespearian comedy set in India at the turn of the 20th Century cleverly mixes lines from the original play together with modern English and the end result is an incredible production that sweeps the audience away. You’ll certainly come out of this brilliant production by Face 2 Face with a huge smile on your face and a spring in your step.
As well as the fantastic acting, atmospheric live music created by David Cobo brings the performance to life. It really is an innovative and exciting way to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the great Shakespeare’s death! The show is running from Saturday 1st October until Saturday 26th November at Los Teatros Luchana, Calle Luchana 38. (Metro Bilbao).

Tapapiés! Multicultural Tapas and Music Tour in Lavapiés

Lavapiés, a beautiful district of Madrid, is holding Tapapiés 2016! Tapapiés is an event whtapapies2ere a large number of bars and restaurants, based in the district of Lavapiés, offer a wide array of food and drink. The food on offer during the event combines traditional Spanish recipes together with gastronomy from all over the world. There are over 110 different types of tapas for you to discover!
Over 90 bars and restaurants take part in this event and during your culinary tour around the world, you can pop into traditional Spanish shops and delis in the beautiful markets of San Fernando and Anton Martín.
Not only is there a wide selection of food and drink, but there is also a total of 60 music concerts that are put on throughout the Lavapiés neighborhood. These concerts take place on the weekends from 21 to 23 and 23 to 30 October. It doesn’t stop there! Outdoor plays and circus shows complete this fun filled programme which are especially targeted towards the little ones! What a great way to spend a family weekend!
Enjoy Madrid this October!

Exciting October Events in Madrid!

Exciting October Events in Madrid!

Although the summer is now ‘officially’ over, Madrid remains as lively and exciting as ever. If you are in Madrid in October, here is just a taste of what you’re in for.

‘Drockula’ – 29, 30 and 31 October at Teatros Luchana

Everyone has seen or read Dracula, one of the greatest horrors of all time haven’t they? But the real question is whether you’ve have plans to go and see the brilliant ‘Drockula’. Obviously it’s based on the classic Bram Stoker work and the actors do an incredible job of portraying this magical world of fantastical terror. A plot summary is sure to convince you to go and watch this spectacle, produced for English speakers, so here goes:
Count Dracula, a retired rock star, lives a solitary existence in his castle in Pennsylvania. He craves to be back amongst the rock and roll lifestyle of being in a band and being loved, adored and worshipped by his fans. He also misses his wife, and singer, Elisabetta, who was tragically killed by Eddie Van Helsing. This all changes when Lucy and Mina, two young singers full of energy and talent come to the castle…
Cleverly influenced on the one hand by the likes of Mr Bean, Monty Python and Buster Keaton, and on the other by the great work of Bram Stoker, this is a show that you must not miss!

The Villamanuela Festival – 7th & 8th October

Having been blown away by this amazing spectacle, you’ll need to be brought back down to earth. Head to Malasaña and Conde Duque 222449_logo_entradas-villamanuela-2016jpg_claimand enjoy all that the Villamanuela festival has to offer. It not only has a jam-packed music schedule but also a wide variety of both art and food have to be discovered! Bands and artists come from all over the world to this relatively new and trendy festival which promises to offer a great evening for family and friends.

The Adelita Market – third Saturday each month (15th October)

Admittedly, even if you have the Spanish stamina, you’ll need to rest and recuperate having experienced both ‘Drockula’ and the Villamanuela festival! Unwind by heading to the Adelita Market – it’s an initiative in which anyone can participate by selling their unwanted possessions. Don’t throw out that jacket or sweater for which you have no need any more – get down to the Adelita Market and make a profit!

MadrEAT – 14, 15 and 16 October at Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Azcajc6iqyq3

I bet you’re hungry by now? If so, head to MadrEAT! It’s a monthly event that accommodates food trucks from all four corners of the world. It is an open-minded food market that attracts exceptional global gastronomy. If you’re lucky enough to be in Madrid while MadrEAT is happening, do not miss out on this absolute feast.

Othello – 2nd & 3rd October

With the music by Guiseppe Verdi and the director David Alden, this show is not to be missed. The Teatro Real Choir and the Children’s Choir belonging to the Community of Madrid’s Young Choir and Orchestra come together to produce this distinguished production of William Shakespeare’s great lyrical drama. A must see!
Make the most of Madrid this October!

Food Trucks in Madrid

Food Trucks in Madrid

As we all know, Madrid is one of, if not the best city in the world for eating and drinking until your heart’s content. If you think this is purely down to the plethora of tapas bars and typical Spanish restaurants, you are mistaken. The concept of food trucks and mobile food carts has hopped across the pond from the United States and is fast seeping into this magnificent city!

The History of Food Trucks

The concept of the food truck was born in the United States in the mid-19th Century. A food vendor decided to cut windows owwii_mobile_canteen-e1341243390391ut of a wagon, park it on the street outside a newspaper shop and sell sandwiches and coffee to journalists. They were also widely used during both World Wars to feed the soldiers. This concept has since spread across the globe and food trucks have become places from where respectable chefs can launch their careers. It is now even possible to track your favorite food trucks via social media! In the US, food truck rallies are also growing in popularity – they provide a great way of bringing cultures together and allow you to discover your favorite cuisine!
So, these food trucks provide a fast, easy and reasonably priced alternative to other casual restaurants. However, compared to other countries like England and Belgium, it has been hard for the concept of a food truck to break into Spain. Why, if there are so many restaurants and tapas bars selling affordable small eats, would you take the risk of going to a food truck where you have to eat on the street standing up?

Where can you find Food Trucks in Madrid?

It’s true that the idea hasn’t spread across Spain as quickly as other countries but in Madrid you won’t have any trouble finding a food truck! To whet your appetite, here are a few food trucks that you csigaelfoodtruck-eatstreet-madreat-foodtruck-madrid-salchichen-1an find in Madrid:

1. Salchichen – German street food that brings authentic sausages and burgers to the streets of Madrid. Here you are guaranteed good quality, traditional German food.

2. MadrEAT – this event aims to bring top quality street food to Madrid on a monthly basis. MadrEAT is a celebration of “exceptional gastronomy” and the variety of food trucks has to bjc6iqyq3e seen to be believed – you’ll find Japanese food, Peruvian food and Greek food just to name a few! Do not miss out! The upcoming dates are as follows: September – 23, 24 and 25. November – 4, 5 and 6. October – 14, 15 and 16 at Plaza Pablo Ruiz Picasso, Azca.

3. Peggy Sue’s – an American style food truck where you can enjoy typical hot dogs, burgers and fries.

And you’ll find many more food trucks in these popular places:
4. Matadero Madrid – this is a very trendy, modern place in Madrid and you’ll be sure to find food trucks from all over the world.
5. Stock! Feria Outstock-feria-outlet-madridlet Madrid – escape from the hustling, bustling centre of Madrid and enjoy a day out with your family. In and amongst all the shopping and live music, explore the wide variety of food trucks on offer. Make sure you’re there on 14, 15, 16 October.

The best places to go swimming in Madrid

The best places to go swimming in Madrid


Everyone knows here how hard can be summer in Madrid therefore which is why there’s nothing better than relaxing in fresh water: thankfully, the city offers many opportunities to do just that! First of all, in the center of the Spanish capital, you will find plenty of swimming pools of all types (private, municipal). Nevertheless, a breath of fresh air out of the bustling capital can make you forget the hot summer routine, if only for a short while. So, to enjoy a sweeter summer and appreciate the strong Madrid sunrays, we’ve selected the top 5 spots to get all wet in Madrid: Happy Summer!!!

piscina complutense

_The 5 best municipal swimming pools

1-The swimming pool of Complutense University

The perfect way to enjoy an incredible student atmosphere: situated in the Campus of a famous Madrid University, la Complutense, it is the meeting point of all young people who want to gather to swim together. Your student ID will be required but no worry because you can also enter as a +1!

• Address: Avenida Obispo Trejo 28040 Madrid
• Metro: Moncloa
• Opening hours: 11h-20h
/!\ Children aren’t accepted

2-The swimming pool of Centro Deportivo Municipal Casa de Campo

The popularity of this swimming pool speaks volumes: the number of sports facilities and room for hobbies of all types makes for a great day! Located fairly near the center of Madrid, with easy access via public transportation.

• Address: Paseo Puerta del Angel, 7 28011 Madrid
• Metro: El Lago/Puerta del Angel
• Opening hours: 11h-21h

3-The swimming pool of Centro Deportivo Municipal Francos Rodríguez

These 11,500 m2 of aquatic paradise create the perfect space to spend your time off this summer. Another swimming spot in Moncloa where also everyone is welcomed to enjoy summer and have fun in the water!

• Address: Calle Numancia, 11 28040 Madrid
• Metro: Francos Rodriguez
• Opening hours: 11h-21h

_The best rooftop option

4-The swimming pool of Hotel Oscar Roommate

Probably one of the most amazing swimming spots in the Spanish capital! This pool is located on the top of the Oscar Roomate hotel! Spend a hot Saturday afternoon surrounded by the Madrid elite and drinking some delicious cocktails in a bright, chill atmosphere accompanied by low key music. What more could we ask for?

• Adress: Plaza de Pedro Zerolo, 12
• Metro: Gran Via, Chueca
• Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday=11h-17h/Friday to Sunday: 11h30-18h

swimming pool room mate oscar madrid

_The best natural swimming pools

5-Las Presillas (Rascafría)


This very natural and awesome area provides a wide range of natural swimming pools. This is an ideal place to lunch with your family or friends . More, it contains a magnificent landscape and trials ideal for peaceful walks.

• Adress: Diseminado Cr C 604, 8, 28741 Rascafría
• Bus: 194, plaza de castilla
• Opening hours: 9h-22hlas presillas guiri