Vintage Madrid

Vintage Madrid

When I arrived in Mvintage1adrid I was surprised not only by its young and international vibe. The huge mix of cultures and the abundance of the trendy spots found in the Spanish capital amazed me. Like in many global cities, people there take full advantage of Madrid Vintage trends, and not just in hip areas.

So if you’re looking for something different, you can find this particular style in many shops. Clothing stores, cafes and restaurants, bars, etc: Madrid’s vintage world is a cool, fun way to discover the city. You’ll  enjoy your time here!

With that in mind, here are a few of my favorite spots that I deeply recommend visiting during your stay!!

The #1 spot for vintage clothing: Pepita is dead

Located near Atocha railway station, this shop specializes in vintage clothing for everyone. If you’re looking for any trendy piece dating back to anywhere between the 50s to 90s, then you’ll find your paradise!

A sunglasses museum as never seen before: Gafa Vintagegafa vntage madrid

Located by Opera metro station, this totally vintage shop will submerge you in history up to the eyes! This pretty jewel for all hipsters and people suffering from nostalia is actually more than just a boutique: we can consider it as a museum, thanks to its exhibitions of cool shades! There you can achieve any of your wildest dreams by wearing the same trendy piece as your throwback idols.

A very original and trendy market: El Mercado de Motores

We all know that in Madrid there is a strong market culture, but this one is bit more original: it takes place every month between the wagons and locomotives of the railway museum and is one of the best, most successful free leisure alternatives. There, vendors sell decorative items, books, vinyl records, recycled furniture, classic bikes, handmade product….

Tasty, straight forward food in a vintage environment: Naif

On the corner of the very active Plaza de San Ildefonso in Malasaña, you will find this small but trendy restaurant that serves hamburgers, sandwiches and a little kindness to the many modern locals who continually select it as a meeting point. Vintage decorative items and a chill atmosphere enhance tasty Mexican dishes or simple drinks!

A strange and curious coffee shop with an antique feel: The Passenger 

This is one of the most The-Passenger-Madridcurious places in Madrid. When you enter into this bar, you will discover you’re really on a train. The dark wood chairs are spacious and comfortable and screens hang on the wall to emulate windows from which you can admire landscape passing by outside… all aboard!

A cosy and well designed bar: La Paca

This small vintage café of the very center of Madrid (Tribunal/Gran Via),  hosts all kinds of different events events thanks to the infinite creativity of the owner: small markets, shows, artists exhibitions, presentations, miniconcerts…The majority of the clients are young, modern and cultivated!


Spanish evening class at AIL Madrid

Spanish evening class at AIL Madrid

Andrea is a guest blogger, Madrid enthusiast, and AIL Madrid evening course student. As a French girl who just recently arrived in Madrid, she faced to some linguistic issues that led her to take AIL Evening Spanish Classes twice a week after work.Spanish course in Madrid

I arrived in Madrid for an internship almost 3 months ago but I ha
ve to admit that, at the beginning, I didn’t have a strong handle on the Spanish language. For that reason, I wanted to take some Spanish classes but, as I was working the whole day, finding appropriate Spanish classes was pretty difficult. I decided the AIL Madrid Spanish evening course was the best solution, as it took place after my job and was located in the center of the city (Calle Nuñez de Balboa, nearby Retiro Park). In fact, with an hour and a half of Spanish course twice a week (Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday), it allows you to learn more vocabulary and grammatical constructions very fast- so much so that your Spanish friends will be shocked by your quick progress!!

What I really appreciated is the small numbers of course participants (maximum 8, though there are 5 in my case) which is why everyone learns to express themselves easily and can participate constantly during any one class. What’s more, classes are available for any level (from A1 to C1) and the atmosphere is perfect, since we all come to class with a relaxed mood to improve our grammar and conversation skills. We are all professionals, international students, expats… and, for us, Spanish is a necessity!!

spanish students MadridThese AIL Spanish classes have formed part of my Spanish experience in Madrid for 6 months now: indeed, I learned many daily Spanish vocabulary words and expressions that I now hear myself using
every day. After a few classes, they also hugely improved my ability to work in a Spanish environment. So don’t hesitate and sign up for AIL Madrid Spanish evening courses– I’ll see you in class!

Making friends in Madrid Part 2: Noche de Copas!

Making friends in Madrid Part 2: Noche de Copas!

Andrea is a guest blogger, Madrid enthusiast, and AIL Madrid evening course student. Her tips on making friends in Madrid are invaluable!

I arrived in Madrid two months ago and already feel sad when I think about returning to France in August. There are many explanations for this (the warm weather, beautiful city, holidays and markets etc) but there was one very specific reason everything went well from day one: my first Spanish night out immediately introduced me to the people whnoche de copas1o became my friends here and gave me a feeling of confidence in a brand new, otherwise strange city. And the event responsible for this seamless integration was none other than the Noche de Copas in Madrid organized by my Spanish academy, AIL Madrid.

You may be wondering, “what’s that, ‘Noche de Copas?” I would answer: certainly the most fun way to practice Spanish. Every Friday night at 10pm, AIL students, teachers, and team meet in a cool bar (the place changes every week) in order to spend time with each other and meet new people while enjoying some good drinks. This is by far the best way to meet people in the same situation as you; recently arrived in Madrid, looking to improve their Spanish skills, and open-minded/looking forward to making new friends.

I’m a prime example of how well it works: I set foot in Madrid on Wednesday and, thanks to the following Friday noche de copas, immediately had exciting Saturday night plans with new friends!noche de copas2

Now, I’m a regular: there’s no better way to celebrate the arrival of the weekend than by gathering with your friends in a good atmosphere and meeting new people who will enrich your stay and allow you to practice your Spanish.

This is the most anticipated event of the week for AIL students, making AIL an unique group of friends that offers so much more than just Spanish classes. If you’re feeling particularly enthusiastic, many students also go to the Se Habla Español Intercambio on Thursdays, which provides another great occasion to see familiar faces before Noche de Copas on Friday.

The bottom line is that I can’t recommend a better way to make friends and learn Spanish at the same time than by becoming an AIL student, so I look forward to see you on your first Friday in Madrid! xx

Crushing on Mercado El Huerto de Lucas

Crushing on Mercado El Huerto de Lucas

Before arriving in Madrid, I wasn’t sure what the mercado culture wa1st images like here but, within a few months after my arrival, I found I had fallen completely in love with it. First, with the most famous ones: San Miguel, San Anton, San Ildefonso. But my real market crush was El huerto de Lucas in Chueca area: the real jewel of the city. Situated in Calle San Lucas into the whole center of Madrid, it offers a breath of fresh air into the already vibrant Chueca neighbourhood.
While it doesn’t look particularly special from the shop windows, its inner secret garden will steal your heart in seconds. The 450m2 dedicated to health and environmental care offers tons of high quality and 100% organic products of any type 2nd image(cheese, meat, fruits & vegetables, tea & coffee, etc) in a green and environmentally designed atmosphere. You can choose whether to buy these products in the market as raw ingredients for homemade dishes, to eat them directly on-site, or to take the easy take out route and get the pre-prepared products del4th imageivered directly to your home.
The restaurant attached to the market, La Cantina Orgánica, offers ecological and sustainable gastronomy based on the quality of the products sold in the market. And the flavors of each dish is… INCREDIBLE! They also offer special brunch that is sure to make your mouth water and yo3rd imageur tummy sing.
This fantastic cuisine is available in two locations: one on Calle San Lucas 13 (Chueca) and another one on Calle Hermosilla 103 (Goya).
The concept of San Lucas seduced us with its peaceful, fresh, and relaxing vibe, as well providing unique place that you won’t find anywhere else in the center. Spending time in this verdant area, drinking fresh fruit juice or smoothies, is the perfect way to spend one of the hot afternoons in the coming summer! See you there!

5th image

American Folk Singer, Alex Smith, Live at Sala Buho Real!

American Folk Singer, Alex Smith, Live at Sala Buho Real!

Alex Smith, one of the most promising young folk singers coming up in the States right now, will perform live In Madrid at Sala Buho Real on Wednesday, May 4, 2016 at 20:00: this is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your roots or get a taste of some real, authentic Americana, so mark your calendars ASAP!

For those of you who aren’t familiar, Smith follows the authentic folk tradition with deep, poetic songs full of rich stories and harmonies, inspired by the people in his hometown in the Adirondacks in New York State. He was featured in the Emmy award winning PBS documentary, Songs to Keep, the producer of which said:

“When Alex sings traditional folk songs from his region, he energizes them with his own voice, arrangements and charisma. I sought him out to perform in the Emmy award-winning documentary Songs to Keep: Treasures of an Adirondack Folk Collector, and it’s a real pleasure working with him.”
– Paul Larson, Producer, Mountain Lakes PBS

His Madrid set will be acoustic, creating an intimate experience that will transport you to the upstate mountain logging towns and back in just one evening. As Sarah Craig, director of the legendary Caffe Lena (where Bob Dylan got his start!), said: Smith is “a natural storyteller with a rich voice who is creating poignant songs rooted in the heritage of his Adirondack home.”

Tickets are available at the door, so be sure to get there early: here at Guiri Guide, we’re big fans of the song ‘Long Lake’ and are psyched to finally hear it live! As a reminder, Smith is performing in Madrid for ONE NIGHT ONLY, following a busy tour through Austria, so this is your big opportunity! See you all at Sala Buho Real at 20:00 (8pm) on May 4th guiris!